Category: R Programming

Basic Scatter Plot and linear fitted line

Lets scatter into some points created by data in xy-space for some time. Data are scattered everywhere but what relation is there between some specific variable with other. Almost all the research work relied under this fundamental question. Cutting down to simple talking and stick to the heading, we can […]

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Generate LaTeX or HTML table with R

R is a easy to learn statistical programming language. Its popularity has been increasing now-a-days. Many useful and productive packages are available in R. One of them is xtable package. In most of the scientific publication LaTeX is extensively in use. Similarly, HTML is used though out the web. Table […]

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Using Data from different Packages

Most of the time we need data either for teaching purpose or learning things. Whatever be the reason, data are really important things. R and different packages of R contains different datasets which we can use directly just by installing them. Many books related to R illustrate there examples using […]

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